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Casa Rosabel

Casa Rosabel seen from the north "Isla Bonita"
La Palma Island

La Palma map

Our cottage lies south of the village Tijarafe, on the west side of La Palma Island, 700 meters above the sea. in a quite rural area with almond trees, cactus and a few avocado  plantations.

casa 1
casa2 casa3 Casa 8 Casa7

Views of the house seen from the North

The cottage is of the traditional Canarian type with walls of stone, two feet thick, and a wooden roof. We have isolated the roof and mounted double glazed windows, nights can be cool at this height and it also helps against the heat when summer comes. We have carefully renovated the house, keeping as much of the original as possible, like the old baking oven in the wall of the kitchen. The house consists of three units around a partly covered terrace. It is prepared for two persons (double bed) but there is also a sofa-bed in the kitchen that sleeps two.


view1 sunset 1 wiev 2 casa 6 casa4
There is a view over the Atlantic from both terraces of the house
At the south side of the house there is a second terrace at the edge of a deep valley, "barranco". It is protected from the north wind and even in the winter it is ideal for sun bathing.The view to the west is over the Atlantic ocean, the nearest neighbor is Mexico. To the east the mountain reaches high.

casa1 casa13 casa12 Between the photographer and the house there is a deep valley (barranco) with caves and autochtonic

The images to the left show the south terrace witch is lovely for sunbathing.
From the south you see the bathroom to the left, the kitchen in the middle and the bed-sitting room to the right.

The bed-sitting room has a queen size bed with an anti-allergic synthetic mattress without iron springs. It also has a open fire place, a sofa and some easy chairs, TV, Satellite TV. DVD player, Music system and an external USB antenna for WiFi connection to your computer. A baby cot is available.
The bathroom offers a washing machine, iron and hair drier. There is a shower and a bathtub, towels and bathrobes. A drier is also available, in case of a rainy period.

living3 living 2 living4
Kitchen 1 kitchen 3

The kitchen has an electric stove, a small electric oven, fireplace which  also can be used for cooking, fridge with *** freezer, toaster, electric coffee cooker, electric water heater, all necessary pots and pans and an old wood burning baking oven. On the south terrace there is an BBQ.

Our amateur astronomer guests have the gratis use of a 10" Schmidt-Newton telescope  on a fixed pier with a GOTO controller and a 40 cm Dobson telescope which is shared between Casa Rosabel and the apartment - or they can bring their own equipment. For the rest of our guests we try to arrange an evening or two with star-gazing. You can find more information on our astronomical setup here.On La Palma you can do water sports like surfing, snorkeling, diving, boat trips with a glass bottom boat to look on whales, fishing. You can go horse back riding, rent a motor bike or a mountain bike or try paragliding. The island is a paradise for hiking with over 800 km of signposted paths of all types, from easy ones for the beginner to the ones for the mountain specialists.

We have untreated drinking water from a local well in the mountain. You can fetch fresh eggs from happy chickens in the chicken run. You can pick your fill of almonds in the autumn and cactus fruit in the winter. Lemons, lima, oranges, mandarins,guava, medlar (nispero), cherimoja, white and blue figs, apricots, quince (membrillo), avocados, plums, apples and pears are sometimes available for your picking on the grounds.

The hosts, that is me and my wife, live nearby in case that you need help with any problems.

With a car you reach the nearest village in 10 minutes. There you can find shops, bars and a pizzeria. In 25 minutes you are in the small town of Los Llanos de Aridane. The beach is 15 minutes away. There is a bus running once an  hour on the main road, 700 meters from the cottage.

The house is a good starting point for walking tours. There are many possibilities for starting the walk at the cottage, from short walks through the beautiful nature to long, hard ones like up to the lookout tower "Torre del Time" with a fantastic view over Los Llanos de Aridane and El Paso, and then perhaps going on, following the rim of the crater until you reach the astronomical observatory at 2400 meters above the sea level.

Please, no smoking indoors.

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The apartment is situated in the bottom part of our house and  has it's own entrance. It has HD digital TV,  Satellite TV, DVD player and WIFI. The kitchen is equipped with everything necessary for cooking.It has an induction stove, oven, water heater, coffee cooker and all nesessary utensils. Washing machine and a dryer are available.

Another view of the kitchen. The wide angle lens makes it look bigger than it is.

We can put an extra bed in the kitchen if you so desire

Under floor solar energy heating and double glazed windows gives a comfortable temperature in the winter. We also use the solar engergy for heating the water.

The bedroom is at the front as seen on this picture, the kitchen at the back below the balcony.

On this view from the West you see the bedroom to the right, the bathroom in the middle and the kitchen to the left

and here you see the West side terrace, the ideal place to enjoy the sunstet. The roof to the left is Casa Rosabel, behind that you can just see the old school builing wich is not used anymore.

The South-East side terrace to the right faces the sunrise and even in the winter it is nice and warm for breakfast

The view towards the mountain from the SE terrace, looking down to the right you see the sea.